From Eric Brownstein - President & CEO

American professionals are facing incredible headwinds in
our current economic and political climate. Benefits are
being reduced, even eliminated. There is a strong debate on
whether to switch pension plans into investment plans. One
thing is certain, we must take personal responsibility for
our future. We understand the issues that are being faced
every day, and the problems that need to be solved.
OCG Seminar
Hyatt Regency Hotel
Boston, MA
OCG Seminar
Omni Hotel
Atlanta, GA
WDC Lodge 198
Orange Capital is a unique company offering
customizable services and solutions to municipal
professionals. We have access to a wide variety of
voluntary and private insurance products from
the nation’s largest carriers. We also have access
to a network of highly educated and specially
trained Financial planners across the country.
The combination of the two allows us to provide
unparalleled financial and insurance services to
the men and women of this great nation who
protect our streets and educate our children.
Some of the programs we've created for our partner groups include:
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